Ternyata Openlabs tidak hanya mengeluarkan Produk bersifat keyboard saja,, akan tetapi dia juga mengeluarkan Software yang berupa VSTi atau biasa kita sebut Virtual Instrument…. disini saya tidak menjelaskan apa dan bagaimana penggunaanya.. karena rekan2 pasti tau fungsi VSTi itu bagaimana…. untuk lebih lanjutnya apa aja fitur yang terdapat pada Open Labs Riff 2.0 ini saya sertakan yang saya ambil dari situs resminya.. semoga hal ini dapat menjadi info bagi teman2….

Open RiFF 2.0

Top New Features:

  • Midi Sequencer: Provides the fastest way to start creating music with your virtual instruments and effects with linear or pattern-based sequencing.
  • Midi Out: Control other midi modules with your keyboard, controllers and live controls.
  • Program Change Support: Open Riff can now send program changes to your other midi devices upon song selection. Other devices can send program change messages to Open RiFF for song selection
  • Global Master FX Bus: Now each song in a setlist can share a common rack of effects for ease of access and reduced processor usage.
  • Enhanced Sound Browser: Provides easy search and navigation through your thousands of sounds as well as one touch auditioning of instruments, effects and saved songs.

Open RiFF is a virtual instrument and effect host that allows you to bring your virtual studio on stage with the speed and robust performance of traditional keyboard workstations. Designed and optimized for use with Open Labs’ hardware and touchscreen, Open RiFF is easy to use and control. No mouse or qwerty keyboard needed.

The Sound Browser: The enhanced Sound Browser in Open RiFF 2.0 makes searching and auditioning sounds easier than ever. With a familiar search engine like interface, simply type the name or description of the sound you’re looking for. All plugins, presets sounds, and save configurations are filtered down to your description. From there you simply touch the sound with your finger and you’re are ready to play it or add it to your setlist….

Build Your Setlist: The Setlists in Open RiFF 2.0 allows seamless and gapless changes of Songs for your gig.

Each Song contains your desired sounds, be it a simple piano, a heavy layered synth patch, or keysplit.


With MIDI Out controls (New in 2.0), Songs can also send Program Change messages to other midi gear you may use. One simple touch can change your entire live rig…

Live Controls: Lets you create a screen of custom controls per song for quick, touchscreen friendly access to just the parameters you need. Choose from sliders, knobs, buttons, note buttons, and X,Y Pads.  Controlling a complex plugin such as this…

Can be simplified to this:

MIDI Sequencer: New in Open RiFF 2.0 is a full fledged midi sequencer supporting tradition linear and pattern-based midi loop recording. Capture your ideas immediately when inspiration strikes,

or use it to play backing tracks during your gig. All features in Open RiFF 2.0 are easy to use and touchscreen friendly including our Midi Editor

and our Automation Editor

Build your idea in Open RiFF 2.0, then export them to separate tracks to your DAW of choice to complete it.

Open RiFF supported DAW’s include Cubase, Reaper, Pro Tools, Sonar, Studio One, and many more.

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2 thoughts on “OPEN LABS – OPEN RIFF 2.0

  1. ada gambarnya ga bg..biar lebih faham..jg di terjemahin donk..soalnya sy ga ngerti bhs inggris yg lahir di amerika bagian samping…hehehhe…pissss

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